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Views from our Blinds

Explore the Precision of Nature with Zingela Limpopo Safaris – Where Comfort Meets Accuracy. Immerse yourself in an ethical hunting experience across a sprawling reserve, with meticulously designed blinds ensuring a respectful, successful, and sustainable engagement with wildlife at its most majestic

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Spread across an expanse of 70,000 acres of an unbroken natural reserve, our facility proudly features a multitude of strategically placed hunting accommodations. This includes several tree stands and a total of 21 expertly crafted Blinds. Designed with the discerning bow hunter in mind, these Blinds are thoughtfully positioned near natural watering holes and vary in style—some elevated for a broader vantage point, others partially submerged for stealth, and ground-level blinds for traditionalists. Each structure is meticulously constructed with four walls and a roof, ensuring scent containment and ample space for movement. Moreover, every blind is equipped with multiple shooting windows, tailored for both comfort and optimal shot precision.

At Zingela Limpopo Safaris, we take pride in our diverse array of blinds. Each is ingeniously designed to blend seamlessly into different terrains and environments across our vast reserve, enhancing both the comfort of our clients and the accuracy of their endeavors. Our commitment extends to ensuring a high success rate for our clients, facilitated by the strategic location and construction of each blind.

Our ethical hunting approach focuses on mature adult animals that have lived a full life and contributed their genes to future generations. This practice not only respects the natural life cycle of the wildlife but also contributes to the sustainable management of the reserve's ecosystem.

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