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At Zingela Limpopo Safaris, we pride ourselves on offering an unparalleled bow-hunting experience in the heart of Southern Africa. Our exclusive bow-hunting territory is a haven for a diverse array of wildlife, providing bow hunters with the unique opportunity to pursue a wide variety of species and the chance to claim outstanding trophies.

Sprawling across a vast and uninterrupted expanse of 60,000 acres, our reserve is a testament to the wild beauty of Southern Africa. Within this expansive area, we have thoughtfully constructed 14 hides, each carefully designed with the needs and preferences of bow hunters in mind. These hides are evenly distributed throughout the reserve, ensuring that no matter where you are, you are in the ideal position for an exceptional hunting experience.

The comfort and design of these hides are paramount. We understand that precision in bow hunting is crucial, and our hides reflect this understanding. They provide not only a comfortable vantage point but also ensure the utmost accuracy in shooting. This strategic placement and construction mean that you, as our esteemed client, have the best possible opportunity to efficiently and ethically hunt a variety of game in different terrains across the reserve.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond just the hunting experience. Years of selective and thoughtful management have been key to our ability to consistently offer superb trophies. At Zingela Limpopo Safaris, we are acutely aware of our responsibilities in terms of conservation and the sustainable management of our reserve. We adhere to a strict game management plan, which is critical to ensuring the continued availability of high-quality trophies year after year.

Central to our ethical approach is the focus on hunting mature adult animals. This practice is not only respectful to the natural order but also ensures that these animals have lived full lives and contributed their genes to the next generation. This thoughtful approach to hunting underlines our commitment to conservation and the ethical stewardship of our land and its inhabitants.

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