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The Premier Buffalo Hunting Destination in Africa


The Top Bow Hunting Destination in the Limpopo Valley South-Africa


Welcome to Zingela Limpopo Hunting Safaris, located in the picturesque Limpopo valley of South Africa, a mere 50km (31 miles) from the famous Limpopo River, the natural border between South Africa and Botswana. Our safari boasts unparalleled beauty and adventure.

Prepare to be captivated by our expansive hunting grounds. Covering 70,000 acres, Zingela Limpopo Hunting Safaris offers an unrivaled hunting experience. Our reserve is a testament to unspoiled wilderness and natural beauty, a true jewel in the Bushveld.

Step into our private hunting area, distinguishing us from other Southern African destinations. Its vast expanse ensures a unique hunting experience, isolated from neighboring concessions. Traverse diverse terrains, from sweeping plains to pristine forests, free from external disruptions.

Envision yourself journeying through this hunter's paradise, where awe-inspiring landscapes unfurl. Towering mountains and vast plains extend around you while meandering rivers reveal hidden wildlife enclaves and natural marvels.

Join us at Zingela Limpopo Hunting Safaris for an extraordinary adventure, where the splendor of the reserve reflects the scale of your experiences. Explore the allure of our extensive hunting grounds, where adventure is limitless and unforgettable memories are forged.

"Zingela Limpopo Safari’s long-term responsibility has always been and will remain, Biodiversity, Wildlife, and General Nature Conservation. We have continuously maintained that hunting plays an important ecological role. We abide by ethical, transparent hunting practices, and, with our integrity, a solid quota system, and a strict game management plan, ensure that high-quality trophies are consistently taken. Great genetics and low hunting pressure have resulted in a high number of record-breaking trophies at Zingela Limpopo Safaris

Zingela Limpopo Safaris has been designed with the bow hunter in mind since its inception. We boast a wide variety of game, which includes a total of 19 antelope species, top-class buffalos, and some of the healthiest predator populations in the Limpopo Valley. These predators include leopards, brown hyenas, spotted hyenas, wild dogs, and cheetahs

Your Outfitters and Professional Hunters are well-trained, highly skilled, and exceptionally experienced in all aspects of hunting.  We offer both the experienced and less experienced hunters an opportunity to suit their preferences.  By sharing our Ph’s expertise and passion, we can deliver trophy hunts that are simply unforgettable.  Our staff will do their utmost to ensure an enjoyable, relaxed, and successful hunting safari.

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Zingela Limpopo Safaris offers the bow hunter the best bow-hunting experience Southern Africa has to offer. Our exclusive bow hunting area has a wide variety of species which offers the opportunity for quality trophies.

Zingela Limpopo Safaris offers the bow hunter the best bow-hunting experience Southern Africa has to offer. Our exclusive bow hunting area has a wide variety of species which offers the opportunity for quality trophies.

Baobab Tented Camp is located on top of a rugged African kopje and is guarded by ancient Baobab trees, which until today carried the scares of elephants that roamed the Limpopo valley 100 years ago.

Experience the Adventure of Rifle Hunting - Get Started with Us Today!

Experience the ultimate adventure at our safari, where we cater to both rifle and bow-hunting enthusiasts. Prepare to be amazed by the unrivaled beauty of our vast hunting grounds. Spanning an impressive 70,000 acres, Zingela Limpopo Hunting Safaris guarantees an unmatched hunting experience. Our reserve exemplifies untouched wilderness and natural splendor, a hidden gem in the Bushveld. Embark on an extraordinary journey, whether you prefer rifle or bow hunting, and discover the thrill of pursuing a game in this breathtaking setting.


African Wilderness Expedition at Zingela Limpopo Safaris: Amanda's Journey with Just Hunt Inc.

Amanda Lynn Mayhew, an avid outdoorswoman and conservationist, embarked on an unforgettable journey to Africa, a truly extraordinary experience. Drawing from her extensive exposure to hunting personalities on TV, Amanda had the unique opportunity to blend her existing knowledge with the wisdom imparted by her guide in Africa. This transformative expedition extended her expertise beyond animal appreciation, enriching her understanding of archery and bow hunting. Amanda's newfound confidence and knowledge not only enhanced her own skills but also equipped her to mentor and inspire others in the art of bow hunting. Africa became the canvas for her remarkable journey of growth and learning.

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